Welcome to Secret Shopper Employment!    What is Mystery Shopping?

* A consumer’s view about performance
* Part of the process improvement system
* A customer service auditing activity
* An attitude adjustment tool
* Tough love
* You will set your own schedule.
* You decide when to shop.
* You can take the time you want for your family and friends.
* You can even quit any time you want

Mystery Secret Shopper

Mystery Secret Shopper

Mystery shopping serves as a consumer’s view about employees performances on the job. It also gives employees incentive to do their job well if they know they are going to be rewarded. If you were to work as a mystery shopper for the Mystery Shoppers Network your job description would be to go to various stores and/or restaurants, fill out an on-line form depicting your experience, possibly write a summary, and then GET PAID FOR IT!!

Be Your Own Boss

“Being a stay-at-home mom, mystery shopping is PERFECT. I get paid and can take my children with me. I set my own schedule… I choose which shops I want to do and when. I also get to shop online and don’t even need to leave the house!”

Stores across the Nation are looking for independent  “Secret Mystery Shoppers” to help monitor the quality of service received by their customers!

Do not pay a fee to anyone to become a “Secret Shopper” this is a popular scam!

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